4 Engaging Brainstorming Activities for Kids

Have you heard about the term Brainstorming? While it is highly used in the corporate world, it is an essential aspect of everyday life. Brainstorming is basically a subtle discussion of ideas or options for a respective problem. Eddie Teddie soft toys offer an excellent opportunity for children to brainstorm, engage in pretend play and stay inspired with refreshing ideas. However, finding suitable activities without stressing kids too much is challenging. Hence, we have sorted the best intellectual and social development brainstorming activities. Check out these super easy and fun-to-conduct activities with Eddie Teddie Toys.


  1. Rainbow is here!

We, at Eddie Teddie, believe in creating a diversified line of soft toys. For example, our rainbow toy is an excellent way to engage kids in intellectual brainstorming activities.

  • To conduct the activity, take the rainbow toy in hand
  • Divide the kids into groups of 2 or more
  • Please give them a pen/pencil and paper 
  • Ask them to constantly see the toy and make a list of various items that have multiple colours
  • For example, they can write - umbrella, a box of crayons, etc.

With this activity, kids learn to trigger their minds into deeper thinking. They also learn to analyse their surroundings and be open to a group discussion.


  1. That's the story!

Eddie Teddie is set to burst the balloon of ideas with the Moo-Moo Cow and Dumbo Elephant. Along with this, we mix the concept of storytelling to intrigue kids in the real sense.

  • To conduct this activity, take Moo-Moo cow and Dumbo Elephant together.
  • Create a story around them. Let's say you can take the plot of a jungle where the two animals are stuck or take the plot where Moo-Moo helps Dumbo in a challenging situation.
  • Divide kids into groups and ask them to come up with different ideas to continue the story
  • Give them these soft toys to create a visual connection with them.


Storytelling is one of the best brainstorming activities, but when you connect characters, that's when kids get the natural feel of the scenario.


  1. What's for Dinner?

As you know, we love to spoil you with Eddie Teddie's comfort food section. But, have you ever imagined these foods can bring the best brainstorming activities for kids?

  • To conduct this game, take Cookie, French Fries, Cake or any other comfort food of your choice
  • Now, place all of them together
  • Divide the kids into groups as they get to brainstorm together 
  • Now, ask the team group/team to pick any comfort food and sell them to everyone in the audience
  • They need to prepare a good sales pitch for all Eddie Teddie soft toys 

Such an innovative brainstorming activity is sure to polish future managers. Moreover, as kids brainstorm in groups, they also learn to accept different perspectives. 


  1. More to the Bunny!

Haven't you heard of problem-solving games? This is one of the best brainstorming activities to activate the kids' minds to think of out-of-the-box solutions.


  • To conduct this activity, place Eddie Teddie's Snuggles Bunny in one corner of the room
  • As we also have outfits for each Bunny, put one outfit at the other end of the corner
  • Now, convert the play area into an imaginary island
  • Divide kids into groups and give them a list of 5 things - bamboo, two stones, coconut, sticks and a red flag
  • Ask them to think of ways to use the elements that will help them reach the outfit on the island full of adventures
  • What's more? You can also add different animals in the way to create difficulty.


As kids are likely to develop their imaginative skills, they also brainstorm to find apt solutions. Moreover, their solutions can be as creative as possible; that's where the purpose of brainstorming succeeds!


When brainstorming, there are frequently no wrong responses; as a result, children freely express their ideas without worrying about failing. Use a plethora of Eddie Teddie toys for activities, and let us know the impact in the comments section!