Handmade Keepsake Quilts

Handmade Keepsake Quilts
Handmade Keepsake Quilts
Handmade Keepsake Quilts
Handmade Keepsake Quilts
Handmade Keepsake Quilts
Handmade Keepsake Quilts

Handmade Keepsake Quilts

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Introducing our Handcrafted Memory quilts, the heartwarming keepsakes designed to cherish your most cherished memories for years to come! Crafted with love and attention to detail, these memory quilts are a nostalgic journey stitched together with your treasured preloved items. 

My mother, my sister, and I (Mayuri) breathe life into your memories by skilfully repurposing items like onesies, t-shirts, pajamas, blankets, and sleepers into these adorable toys. Each quilt tells a unique story through its patchwork design, preserving the essence of your favorite garments in a huggable form.

Why choose our Handcrafted Memory Quilts?

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Crafted with utmost care and precision, we both ensure that every stitch reflects the passion we have for creating something truly special for you.
  • Preserve Precious Moments: Your baby's first onesie, a beloved t-shirt from your travels, or a cozy blanket from your childhood—our memory quilts transform these items into tangible memories, keeping them alive for generations. 
  • Sentimental Value: These quilts encapsulate the warmth of your memories and the love woven into each fabric, making them an emotional treasure.
  • Endless Customization: You have the creative freedom to choose the clothing items that define your memories. Whether it's a mix of items or a specific theme, we can bring your vision to life.

How it works:

  1. Once you place your order through our website, you will be given our address to ship the clothing items. Please note that the items must be shipped within 7-15 days from the date of placing your order.
  2. A keepsake quilt is made with three layers. The top layer is made from your old clothes. The middle layer is soft cotton batting. The bottom layer is made of soft-printed cotton blend. You can reverse the quilt and it still looks beautiful with eye-catching print.
  3. The best clothing items to send are Onesies, Sleepers, Swaddles, receiving blankets, T-shirts, and Sweatshirts. For baby clothes, sizes 0-3m and up are best!
  4. Pre-wash the clothes before sending them to us. Please avoid clothing with holes or large spots/stains unless you are fine with them being on your toy. 
  5. Please send only those clothes that you want us to use and not require again for your future use. 
  6. Pack the clothes in damage-resistant packaging such as Ziploc Bags or Vacuum Sealed Pouches. Place a label/note inside your box with your Full Name, Order Number, or any specifications you want us to know. Kindly ensure that the name matches the order holder for quick identification.
  7. Once we receive your items, we will begin the process of creating your keepsake. 
  8. The current turnaround time is about 60-75 days depending on the number of orders we may have in front of us to fulfill.
  9. Order can take quicker or longer - due to family vacations, medical emergencies, holidays, etc.


    Small size: 25 x 25 inch = 26 pieces of baby clothing required

    Kid size: 2.5 feet x 4 feet = 40-50 pieces of baby clothing required

    Toddler size: 4 feet x 5 feet = 50-60 pieces of baby clothing required

    Adult size: 4.5 feet x 6 feet = 60-70 pieces of baby clothing required

    Double bed size: 7 feet x 7.5 feet = 150-175 pieces of baby clothing required

    (These values are approximate as this is a customized product. As fabrics differ, there is a possibility that there might be little difference in sizes. Also, these numbers are based on newborn/baby clothes. If you want to make memory quilts from adult sized clothing, confirm the number of clothes to be sent beforehand on WhatsApp 9001383889)

    That's it for now :)

    In case you have further questions or require any custom-sized quilts, please write me at info@eddieteddie.com or you can send me a DM on Instagram @eddieteddietoys 

    Let us weave your story into a quilt that will be treasured for years to come. Embrace your past, embrace your memories—through these Keepsakes!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Fathima Baramy
    Worth every rupee

    So glad i found this page and decided it to give my babies clothes for making into quilt. The best sister duo ever. Every single query was answered without any attitude. Very pleasant response. Don't think twice if u want to make quilt with them. Wont regret at all ❤️

    Ravina Dhami

    Handmade Keepsake Quilts


    My husband was completely impressed with the quilt!

    Memories for lifetime

    Got the quilt delivered today and we all really love it
    Thanks for making memories that stay life long. Will order my 2nd one the next time I come to India.😘😘😍

    Ankna Malik
    Blissful happy tears

    Hi Mayuri, I write this message with blissful happy tears. The memory quilt has transported me back to my daughter’s first days in the world. And I can’t imagine a better gift for her upcoming birthday. Thank you for so thoughtfully curating this for us 😇 may your business thrive. Also, wish your mother good health! Love, Ankna

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