About us

We started our product line because we know how time-consuming and expensive it is to find and buy beautiful, quality products that would last. We decided to launch our online store and focus mainly on product quality and sustainability. We're glad that you found us, and hope you’ll enjoy our products as we do!


A mother of 3, Kiranbala's mind could not stop wondering about the hues of entrepreneurship! Belonging to an orthodox Rajput family, crossing the unacceptable boundaries was a challenge. However, Kiranbala's interest lay in creating magic thereby, empowering the self and women of Udaipur. As a result, Mayuri’s mother put her foot forward to break the stereotypes! Her courage was far beyond the traditional rules that governed this big joint family. That's when she put her heart and mind into creating stuffed toys for the world to see!

The 'First Woman' in her family to start a business. She transformed the initial nervousness into learning. Studying the market dynamics, this passionate lady went beyond the boundaries of society to set up a manufacturing unit. Who knew little Mayuri was also interested in distributing stuffed toys to the locally renowned retail shops in Udaipur! As the business was at its peak, they invented different designs and added a charm of fashion to the fabrication process.


Rajput lady stood by her vision to empower the underprivileged women of Udaipur. The flourishing business helped Kiranbala employ women for her business. Breaking societal norms was an obstacle but once you step towards change, nothing can stop you. She started providing work from home facilities to inspire women. When these helpless females earned a penny, pride found its home in Kiranbala's heart. Meanwhile, Kiranbala could see the essence of joy in Mayuri's eye as her questions about fabric, deliveries and costing never stopped!


10 years into the business were indeed historical for any Rajput woman! However, the dream crashed with the entry of Chinese products. As Chinese stuffed toys were machine-made, Indian retailers made huge profits from them. The tough competition led to cost-cutting that made it challenging for the handmade industry. Surviving in such market conditions was nearly impossible hence the business shutdown in 2010.


Mayuri, the elder daughter, felt exhausted with the corporate life in Bangalore. As her father inspired her to restart the business, this empowered soul decided to take up the 24/7 job of building her empire with the support of her parents. As mother had passed the art and legacy to her daughter, Mayuri explored places to understand procurement of raw materials, manufacturing process, retail market, costing, and the art of strategizing. The business didn't hit off with the local shops as the market was still dominated by low-cost stuffed toys.

Back with a bang! Youngblood is always happy to take the risk. While society stood by the thought of any girl being married before 30, this lady was fully fuelled with the idea of the online market. She started selling handmade toys to various e-commerce platforms. Guess what? The business earned revenue but also immense love from the varied states of India. Mayuri stood stronger than numerous challenges; as she paved her way towards success, she became the leading lady of the Sisodia empire!


With Mayuri's exclusive move, she realized the need to reach the millennials. With sheer dedication and support from the family, Mayuri launched Eddie Teddie & Company on Instagram! The love from Instagram enabled the business to employ more women across Udaipur. Handmade plushies made way to provide an upscale living to underprivileged females. A lady exhausted from her corporate life decided to believe in herself. She took the leap of faith only to discover the tremendous hidden potential for empowering generations to come!

Breaking societal boundaries, fighting the odds and conquering the game, they've come a long way to offer the best of handmade magic to the globe in the coming future!