Comfort Food

Comfort Food

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Customise specially for YOU, these memory quilts are a nostalgic journey stitched together with your treasured preloved items

    We followed our heart and It led us to the comfort food section. We want to create plushies that will make this world a cuter place. Included in this collection is the squishy range of comfort foods we all love. Did we forgot to mention that these are Handmade :)

    10 products
    French Fries Stuffed Toy
    from Rs. 999.00
    Rainbow Popsicle/Ice Cream Soft Toy
    Rs. 699.00
    Egg Stuffed Toy
    from Rs. 799.00
    Sold Out
    Momo Basket - Pack of 4 Momo
    Rs. 2,100.00
    Donut Plush plush toy for dogs
    Rs. 600.00
    Strawberry Stuffed Toy
    Rs. 1,500.00
    Rolly Polly - The Carrot
    from Rs. 600.00
    Hamburger Shaped Stuffed Toy
    from Rs. 799.00
    Sold Out
    Birthday Cake Round Plush - Pink
    Rs. 1,000.00
    Popcorn Bucket
    from Rs. 2,500.00 Regular price Rs. 4,000.00 Save Rs. 1,500