5 Traditionally Authentic Reasons to Celebrate Diwali

People all over the country of India wait for the festival of love, light and colours. That's how important Diwali 2023 is! Festivities bring joy to the heart. Diwali is another way to disconnect from the monotonous routine and indulge oneself in the auspicious vibes. While we celebrate Diwali as the beginning of a new year or a religious belief, the festival is so much more! It's time to explore the reasons to celebrate Diwali concerning science as well as mythological beliefs. Let's get into it!


  1. Victory of Good over Evil

When you celebrate festivals, they sure have a reason behind their origin. Diwali 2023 is no different and carries a strong belief with it. According to the legend, the entire kingdom was lit up when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. That's when Diwali was first celebrated to welcome Lord Rama. Hence, Diwali signifies hope over misery, positivity over negative vibes and victory of purity over evil. So, let Diwali 2023 empower you to win, support the good and light up lives by defeating the evil.


  1. Reduction in Bacterial Pollution 

While there are mythological beliefs around the celebration, there's science too! Interestingly, Diwali is celebrated to contribute towards decreasing pollution and climate change. The festival generally occurs as the winter season begins. That's precisely when the weather experiences a shift from moisture to being completely cold, leading to mosquitoes, parasites and deadly insects. When you light diyas, you make the environment warm by preventing these creatures. Imagine the impact when entire India lights diya. That's how we know the science behind Diwali 2023!


  1. Warmth in the Environment 

Times have now changed, but the festival of Diwali includes various rituals. Lightning of diyas is an integral part of the festival. If you trace back to its creation, diyas are made with soil, not clay. These earthen pots have the capacity to hold diyas for longer than usual. It not only warms the winter month but also offers illuminating energies in the body. So, make Diwali 2023 worthwhile by buying from small artisans who depend on your purchase to light their homes.


  1. Rangoli to welcome the Goddess

You must have seen the intricate Rangoli designs made at the home entrances. Rangoli is a popular art form throughout the country. Interestingly, various natural ingredients are used to prepare colours. People also use salt and rice to fill the designs. As per the mythological beliefs, Diwali is celebrated with the creation of rangoli to invite Goddess Lakshmi into homes. The Goddess of wealth is invited to bless the house and family with abundant joy in Diwali 2023.


  1. Purification of Mind and Soul

As Diwali approaches, families across India start the process of cleaning houses. Every nook and corner of the house is cleaned before the festival. It is believed that the season change needs humans to stay healthy. It is one of the scientific reasons to celebrate Diwali 2023 by deep cleaning everything to prevent diseases. It not only purifies the house but also positively enhances mood, mind and soul.


Diwali 2023 is more about mental peace, joy and attracting positive energies from the universe! Let us know more compelling reasons to celebrate Diwali in the comments section.