Discover the Best Soft Toys According to the Occasion

As you step into the world of soft toys, you are bound to get lost. This world is filled with different colours, sizes, fabrics and types of toys. However, when it comes to gifting something close to the heart, a teddy bear pops into your mind! It's about the age or relationship, but the love soft toys offer to individuals. 


Well, that's why we are here to sort your queries. While soft toys do not necessarily have a meaning, some Eddie Teddie soft toys have proven to illuminate lives like never before! So, check out the perfect soft toy for the right occasion with its special meaning. 


  1. Best Friend Special Edition!

We cannot describe how important best friends are! They might not know about your first word, but they sure know about your last heartbreak, your favourite movie and your aspirations in life. So surprise them with one of the best soft toys for their particular reasons.


Teddy Bear - We make extra delightful Teddy bears as they become hugging buddies for your loved ones. Teddy Bear becomes an ideal gift for best friends on their birthday, the first day of a new job or the first day of their college degree. 

Casper Ghost Plushie - Why give a ghost to your best friend? Come on, thank them for not ghosting you like your so-called ex-partner. Hahaha! We highly recommend this plushie for Friendship's day, birthdays or when you want to appreciate your darling best friend. 

French Fries and Momo Plush Toys - Now, this is a superb idea! Why take one each with a group of 3 to 4 friends? Then, the next time you connect over a video call, show your fries/momo to bond with them. We suggest these soft toys for farewell parties, marriage ceremonies or when your friend flies to another part of the world. 

  1. The Pregnancy Special Edition! 

The pregnancy phase, indeed, is a roller coaster for any woman. But, you can surely show affection and care with soft toys in such a phase. Our customers often describe how they love buying soft toys to bond with their babies in the womb. Isn't that beautiful? The baby knows more than what mothers talk. Moms can literally create a positive impact with soft toys. Also, Eddie Teddie soft toys become the best cuddle buddies. They offer just the right warmth at this phase of life. 

Eggo - Eggs play a scientific role in the conceiving process. That's when females know they're expecting a new world inside them. We receive massive love from females who are conceiving or planning to. Eggo stands as a hope and a sign of luck with the pregnancy. So to be fathers, mothers and you crazy relatives, take Eggo, take positivity home!

Oli - Oli is one of the best soft toys for little ones and expecting mothers. This cute little elephant has always been the best companion for babies. With its smoothest fabric and pretty face, moms instantly connect with the toy. But, you know, some toys simply become an ancestral treasure; our Oli is one of them!

Moo-Moo - Cows have been auspicious since ancient times. Whether you consider them as a mother or simply domestic creatures, our Moo-Moo has all the power to bring love and positivity to moms-to-be!


  1. Kids Special Edition!

Kids! They light up life with their cute acts and love. These little ones deserve soft toys to indulge in intelligent play, make best friends and understand human emotions deeply. Various studies suggest the importance of gifting soft toys to kids to develop their social and communication skills. Some of the best soft toys simply cannot be ignored.


Noodle - Our Doggo, Noodle, is the best choice for birthday parties or any kids' party. Noodle quickly wins hearts, whether it's a child or an adult. With unique fur and long ears, he becomes your child's best friend.

Snuggles - How can you forget our favourite soft toy? Snuggles - the Bunny is the first love of our customers. Bunnies come in different colours so if you wish to buy something for siblings, always take the same colour. You sure wouldn't want to be the bad person giving a better colour to the other sibling. Haha!

Mr. Banana - Aren't kids as naughty as monkeys jumping from one place to crawling to another? Mr. Banana comes with the fantastic feature of being huggable. Kids get an opportunity to bond with the soft toy, share stories and quickly make him a part of their world.


While we have categorized the best soft toys as per different occasions and events, there comes no boundary when you want to express love! Eddie Teddie is full of the cutest plushies, comfort food and animal stuffed toys. All you need is to make an effort for your loved ones, show them you care and show them this in the most adorable manner!