Our MOMO Basket takes away your FOMO!

Momos! Isn't the name enough to bring a watering mouth? These cute little momos are just the right delicacy to have during winter. Nobody knew how these bite-size dumplings would take away our blues with its flavor. But what's more to momos? Along with its unique origination and history, momos are found in several places around the country. It's now a popular cuisine defining a unique part of Tibetan fusion. We know how much you love biting the soft-steamed momos. Hence, we thought of getting you the perfect Eddie Teddie Momo basket. Check out all about our love and warmth wrapped in this soft toy.


Momos - Your path to heavenly feels

Wondering what's so good about momos? Check out all the awe-striking features that make this dish a great Tibetan contribution.

Melts in the mouth!

You must have seen different food items, but the love for momos goes beyond everything. As the hot piping momos bring joy with their flavour, our Eddie Teddie Momo basket does the same! We tend to bring out a variety of colour combinations. What's more? These melting momos are never single. A plate of 4 momos makes it worth melting in the mouth. 

Fusing with everyone!

Are you a vegetarian? We've still got you, momos. Even if you love chicken, we've got your back. Momos spread love as they mix and match with flavoursome vegetables as well as delightful non-vegetarian options. Like these momos, our Momo basket is ready to fuse with your surroundings. Whether it's the softness you talk about or the amazing gathering of 4 momo friends, these baskets are set to be your family!

What's within is a secret!

As tender as they look, moms can be prepared with multiple choices within. Momos can have different fillings catering to distinct tastes of the country. How does this relate to our momo basket? Well, the Momo soft toy also has a lot within it. It could be a bundle of happiness or crazy ideas popping into your mind about its usage. It's the smooth texture that heals our hearts, or it could even be the adoration it gets from your people.

How do you use the Eddie Teddie Momo Basket?

As we always mention, we are here to spread joy and contribute to a healthy nation. Since you're planning to use our Momo basket, understand how it serves multiple purposes.


1. Play ahead of all!

Are you bored of the quirky fancy dress competitions? It's enough of your child always being dressed up as a milkman or a police officer. Let's try something new. For such educational contests and participation, use this Momo basket and dress them as Momo sellers! This amazing idea brings versatility to the competition and also helps represent a unique prop. What's more? The pink hat can also be used for making a doll's bed; after all, everyone wants a fluffy bed! 

2. What a nice gift! 

Human bonds cannot be explained in words. Don't you remember the crazy times of running to the Momo stall with your gang? Sure that you asked for extra chutney for a kick. Even you have definitely fought for one last piece of this finger-licking delicacy. What when you share love with your partner over momos? The deep conversations happening between you, your person and momo is simply another level of joy. That's where Eddie Teddie momo basket comes to forever cherish that joy in your life. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary or your person leaving the country, the Momo basket is one of the best gifts for friends and family. 

3. Rice-ball?

    Our cute little white momo can become a great rice ball or even soft idli. It's all in the imagination. Teachers and parents can definitely use the momo and ask children to brainstorm about different food products that look alike. Moreover, flip the momo, make it a rice ball and let kids engage in pretend play. Imagine the happy momo into anything that fits your vivid stories of the modak (Indian sweet) or a nice rasgulla. 

    4. Looking for a hat?

    Eddie Teddie Momo Basket serves a deeper purpose than just a play. Children often look for distinctive ideas as they participate in various school and class activities. What when the child has to wear a unique hat? Make them wear the momo basket and let them speak about the Make In India initiative. Bring them something that is not easily known in the 4 walls of life. Whether it's the famous Kashmiri style brown hat or a cute pink hat, walk in style as you change the definition of fashion. 


    While the Eddie Teddie Momo basket is all set to steal your hearts, we would love to hear your ideas on its usage in the most adorable ways!