5 Awesome Birthday Party Games for a Fun-filled Day

Birthday parties are all about fun, glamour and happening times. However, if you plan to have cake and snacks, you're surely missing out on the major fun! Birthday party games are an excellent way to engage your guests while being a super cool host. Know how to amplify the surroundings with lights, decor and the best party games. Explore awesome ways to host a memorable party for friends and family.


Awesome Birthday Party Games

  1. Where's my Partner?


Presenting one of the enthralling birthday party games where kids and adults can mingle around, dance and make the most out of it. 

  • To play this game, make placards with different pairs of characters (Tom and Jerry, Mickey mouse and Minnie house, etc.)
  • Now, take a huge box and put the placards in it.
  • Let each player take a placard and ask them to hide it.
  • Make players stand in a circle and play the game.
  • Ask them to dance and as the music stops, they need to find the correct pairs to win the game! 


  1. Musical Chair

Sure that you have played musical chairs as one of childhood's best birthday party games. It is time to create enthusiasm and go back to nostalgia with this game.

  • Place one lesser chair than the number of players playing. 
  • When the music starts, everyone circles the chairs until they hear it stop, at which point they all dash to grab a chair as quickly as they can. 
  • Once just one person is left standing, the music stops, another chair is pulled out, and the last player standing is eliminated.


  1. Collect your Prize

1Introducing one of the innovative birthday party games to change the aura of the celebration. It's no longer a drill to collect prizes, as the game offers it to everyone!

  • To play this game, squares with numbers from 1 to 30 should be taped to the ground in a circle. 
  • To match the numbers on the ground, create small numbered squares and store them in a basket. 
  • When the music starts, have each player stand on a certain number to initiate the game by walking around the circle. 
  • They are required to stand on a number when the music ends. 
  • They receive a prize if their number is drawn from the basket
  • The game can go till the time everyone wins it once!


  1. Four Corners

Here's one of the crazy party games which can be played with adults, kids, and even toddlers. As the name suggests, the game requires you to set four corners in the play area.

  • To play this game, select the four corners of the room and keep them vacant. 
  • Now, name these corners into anything suitable.
  • It could be names of countries, chocolates or animals.
  • Face the wall as you announce different names in the game.
  • Play the music and let the players dance.
  • As the music stops, players get 30 seconds to go into any corner.
  • Now, announce any one name and all players belonging to the corner get to play again.
  • The last player wins the game.


  1. Pop the Balloon 

During birthday parties, balloons should be used for games and not just decoration! Presenting one of the crazy birthday party games with colourful balloons.


  • Here, you need to blow a good amount of balloons for the game.
  • After blowing, ask players to stand in a line.
  • Place chairs opposite to them but at a long distance.
  • Place all these balloons in a huge basket or box behind them.
  • Give them a minute and ask them to take a balloon, run and sit on the balloon to burst it.
  • Players shall sit on the chair and keep trying until the balloon bursts without using their hands.


Now that you have the best birthday party games list, wait no longer to incorporate them into your celebrations. They are not just limited to birthdays but can also be played during anniversaries, housewarming parties, and different celebrations.