5 Helpful Ways to Make your Paw-Friend Happier

The most divine and trustworthy companions anyone can have are cute dogs! Indeed, the affection they lavish is a treatment for our dull days. And you know what? We must return it with extreme kindness and care for our lovely paw friends. There are numerous things to consider to have a happy dog, ranging from how they eat to where they sleep. 

If you're just starting as a pet owner, you might be doing a lot of things wrong or not aware of some of them. One of the most crucial aspects of being a responsible pet owner is ensuring that your dog is content and in good health. So, here are 5 genuine ways to keep your doggos happy!

1. Give your Time

A happy dog only has you in their possession and insight. Always make time to spend time with your paw friend. They can develop depression if they are left alone. Take out time for small fun activities and lovingly take care of them. Also, buy a Donut Plushie and watch how they love poking their nose in the circle leaving no space for boredom! When you leave the house, always make sure someone can take care of them. Train your pets well to be disciplined while you're with them. Both you and your dog can benefit from this experience.

2. Food over Everything

Food is, indeed, the love language of your paw friend. When you give them food, they feel loved. A well-crafted diet plan is essential. You should always check with a veterinarian, especially if your dog is young or old. Feeding your dog human food is a common error and this poses a threat to their health. Always buy dog food based on your paw friend's age and distribute the amount consumed equally. Vitamins and minerals must also be given to them in addition to food. To improve their mood, give them frequent small treats and shower them with affection and motivation.  

3. Invest in Dog Toys 

Toys are a necessity rather than a luxury for dogs and your paw friend can thrive with dog toys. When you leave your dog at home, pet toys help prevent boredom and provide comfort for anxious dogs. Even dog toys can help stop your paw friend from doing certain bad things. Make sure the dog toys you buy for your dog are the right size. Small toys can easily get stuck in your dog's throat or swallowed. For fetching, Cookie dog toys are a great deal. 

A slipper plush toy or a ducky with a squeaker is also an all time entertainment for them! Make only a few toys available to rotate your dog's toys each week. Ensure that a variety of them including Rolly Polly or Chicken Leg Plush are readily available. You might want to leave a soft comfort toy out all the time if your dog has a favorite, like that. And comfort is always about the ever colorful pizza slice!

4. Get out in the Sun

Yes, dogs need sunlight and sunlight is beneficial to them as well. Dogs need to be exposed to the sun at different times of the day. Sunlight is essential to your paw friend in many ways. In the early morning, your dog ought to be exposed to pure sunlight followed by once more during the middle of the day, late in the afternoon, or just before sunset. You can help your dog live a healthier life by making sure she gets the right amount of sunlight at different times of the day.

5. Teach New Tricks

Playing games, spending time together, mentally stimulating your dog and strengthening your relationship can all come from teaching your dog new tricks. In addition to helping to reinforce important commands, good behavior and essential obedience skills like impulse control help them! 

Dog training also provides your dog with the opportunity to exercise its body and mind. Keep in mind that teaching your dog new commands can take some time and effort. Take breaks whenever you or your dog become frustrated with the training process and keep the learning process entertaining to keep him or her engaged.

Spending quality time with your paw friend, plenty of love, attention and mental stimulation are the keys to keeping them paw-sitive. A dog is, in fact, the best loving companion, as many contended dog owners believe!