Explore the Relation Between Handmade Soft Toys and Your Little Bundle of Joy’s Development

Dumbo, Casper, penny… Do these names took you back to your childhood? We are sure, they did. Didn’t you give these cute names to your stuffed animals or toys? Can you figure what else we are ensured about? We know this one fact about you that you have not forgotten your soft toys. They undoubtedly played a major role in your life. They were your go to person even now, aren’t they?

Founder of Eddie Teddie & Co. - Mayuri Sisodia holding a Plush Dog

Apart from being your first and cutest friend, do you know these stuffed toys contributed to shaping your personality? Yes, handmade Stuffed Toys or any plushie you had, played an active role in your growth and development.

To know the ways in which handmade stuffed animals tailor your traits, keep reading!

  • Confidence Becomes an Attribute

You became calm by touching your stuffed toy or cuddling with it. You were comforted and soothed by your soft toy that was made with super soft and high-quality fabric. Playing with a strange toy instilled a sense of confidence that prepared you for the challenges of life.

  • Social Skills are Developed

Along with naming your soft toy, you gave certain characteristics to it. The strong bond between you and your handmade stuffed animal made you to take care of it. You learnt how to empathize or express yourself. And these skills certainly accelerated your social development.

  • Language Development Takes Place

It is evident that we speak new words when we know no one is listening. You must have chatted a lot with your stuffed animal and because of that your language skills flourished and your pronunciation was improved.

  • Imagination Gets Wings

We are certain that there were numerous incidents when you were immersed in your own world with your handmade stuffed animal. You needed no play buddy because your soft toy was there. Whilst you were playing your own games with your plushies, you learnt to imagine and acquired the sense of the world.

  • Foundation of Kindness and Compassion is Laid

When you connected well with your handmade elephant, you understood the art of building relationships and nurturing them. You learnt numerous behavioral tactics and how to react in certain situations.


Learning about the crucial role that your stuffed animal played in your life, we are sure you must have searched for it and gave it a tight hug. If you require the same kind of honest friend for your child, go through our collection of handmade stuffed animals NOW and pick one for your kid. Even if you are a bachelor or teenager stuffed toys are for you as they help you destress, reduce anxiety and improve mental health. GIFT YOURSELF A SOFT TOY – A COMPANION TODAY!


by - Riya Jogi :)