6 Benefits of Owning Colorful Stuffed Toys

Being in an exciting place like this globe is surely an advantage to learn! We learn something fresh with each shiny day. However, we often miss the prominent aspect of feelings connected to the things we see and touch. While prison is considered depressing and malls are too good to shop; they operate as per color psychology.

Color psychology is a vital aspect for us while we design stuffed toys for you. Your emotions and feelings are triggered by the colors you see around. A calming hug with a giant goofy bear feels lighter with light pastels. Similarly, our mind is bound to act according to the usage of our stuffed toys. Whether you have a toddler or you wish to gift a stuffed toy from Eddie Teddie; color psychology applies to every human, no matter their age and gender.

White color is often associated with peace and innocence. If you are considering passing tranquility and mental peace to your loved ones, white plushies are a must! Talk about the Eggo, Ghost and Cloud; these stuffed toys are sure to pass the sense of humility. The color white is paired with the element of cleanliness. It includes a clean environment along with a clean state of mind. When surrounded with white-colored soft plushies, you are more likely to promote goodness.

We believe in offering sunshine hence, yellow is our super-demanding color for plushies. Colorful stuffed toys create a sense of empathy. Similarly, the yellow color is an opportunity to spread happiness and optimism in your room and home interiors. This color promotes knowledge and intelligence. If your little one is cranky about eating, place yellow toys as the color promotes hunger. Well, that's why we have mouth-watering French fries exclusively at Eddie Teddie.

We always associate red with love! However, red is much more than just lovey-dovey emotions. This is the color of energy and passion. Stuffed toys in red color tend to provoke real emotions in your surroundings. Color psychology of red toys excellently works for people who love excitement and enthusiasm in life! The red color complements the emotion of activeness and pleasure. The color is ideal for kids who are learning to develop a certain physical skill.

Whether it's life or work culture, we surely need the essence of creativity. Orange is the perfect color to enhance enthusiasm and creative skills. At Eddie Teddie, we promote balance and memory-building skills with orange-colored stuffed toys. If you have a naughty child who loves to bring the world to home, you must consider orange-colored stuffed toys. This color also helps receive success in different endeavors of life.


Oh no! It's not all feminine with pink. Even though we associate pink as a feminine color, pink helps create calmness in the atmosphere. People suffering from heart issues must consider the pink color for a soothing environment. The colorful stuffed toys in pink increase playfulness and healing benefits. A sense of empathy can be developed with pink plushies around. Our cake plushie in pink might be the ideal fit to show your unconditional love to your favorite humans.


You are right if grey is your go-to color. The combination of grey and white is considered happy just like our Noodle! Grey color enhances neutrality and removes bias in different areas of life. The color is believed to create balance thereby enhancing productivity. If you're jugging work-life balance, motherhood and work balance, or pregnancy and emotional balance; we recommend grey color stuffed toys to heal your mind.


Color psychology is a prominent aspect to consider in stuffed toys. However, if a certain color or shade makes your soul happy, go for it! We inspire to soothe you with happening colorful stuffed toys at Eddie Teddie.