6 Stunning Ideas for Rakhi 2022

Raksha Bandhan is primarily one of the most celebrated festivals in this colorful country of India. We have often been associated with the traditions of exchanging sweets, dry fruits and blessings for our lovely siblings. However, the Rakhi celebration has completely transformed with unique relationships shared between brothers and sisters.

Raksha Bandhan embraces the beautiful bond between two sisters, two brothers and even the siblings located at distant destinations. The festival is no more about the old thoughts where a brother protects his sister; now it is more about exclusively protecting each other. Your siblings or your Rakhi brother/sister could be anyone with whom you share this bond. Your distant passionate cousin, neighbor, childhood friend or colleague; we have got amazing Rakhi celebration ideas 2022 for everyone. Let's explore how can you illuminate the festival in these super-delightful ways.

1. Exchange Gifts

Can Raksha Bandhan ever be completed without gifts? Definitely not! We inspire you to exchange gifts rather than just receive them. This enlightens the bond between siblings as your share a piece of your heart through a thoughtful gift. Self-grooming kits, cards, a box of indulging chocolates, accessories or wonderful Eddie Teddie toys can be considered to savor the sweet bond for Rakhi 2022.

2. Grab Food

This Raksha Bandhan, be out of the box and celebrate it in an enthralling manner. Siblings share multiple yet effective memories over food right from their childhood. Fighting for chocolate bars to the last piece of pizza, siblings do it all. A quirky lunch date can be one of the best Rakhi gifts for your dear sibling. If you're away from your brother/sister, get on a video call while sharing your favorite delicacy. Feelings are often shared over food hence Rakhi celebration is surely the one to strengthen your love.

3. Visit Childhood

Rakhi celebration can now be unique if you plan to visit your childhood memories! Yes, we could go back to the house you lived in, your school, or any place that brings nostalgia to the bond. You can beautifully embrace Rakhi 2022 as you dive into the memories of your early days, the banter with your sibling and how you made up after a fight! That does sound like one of the best Rakhi gifts.

4. Arrange House Party

Raksha Bandhan is always about meeting your cousins to tie the bond of togetherness. With such a traditional gathering, why not combine the idea of a house party? The entire squad of brothers and sisters can play their favorite card games, board games and grab delicious food. Moreover, you can watch a travel-based or friendship-based movie to share the aura of pure bliss. Nothing happier than getting into your PJs and gossiping about the crazy uncles of the family!

5. Play Videogames

We are sure Rakhi 2022 is not the same as all these years. Your darling brothers and sisters might be away from you during the festival. However, one of the best Rakhi gifts online is to throw them a video game challenge. The old days where you played Mario can be brought back with technology. You can challenge them for online carom, ludo and so many interesting ones.

6. Plan Shopping

The quirky way is out there for you! Siblings have a million memories associated with malls and supermarkets. You must plan shopping on Rakhi 2022 to celebrate the bond over the supermarket walk. This Raksha Bandhan can also be illuminated by challenging your sibling for budget shopping. Siblings basically have a certain budget and they are to pick the most interesting products. The activity is fun and also saves your pockets!

Plan your Rakhi 2022 with these exclusive ideas and let us know your experiences!


by - Riya Jogi :)