Adults and Stuffed Toys: Know Why You Must Have It

As a child, you most likely slept with soft toys or cute plushies, making you feel better when nothing else did. It might have been given to you by grandparents, friends or parents. You used to bring it everywhere you travelled and could not sleep or find comfort without it. 


Ever wondered if they still support you in working through feelings of insecurity? Also, they generate a sense of stability and minimize negative sensations like loneliness and anxiety. Adults like you need to still consider the importance of Eddie Teddie soft toys for personal well-being.

 5 Strong Reasons to Buy Eddie Teddie Soft Toys as Adults

1. Builds Compassion

Soft toys allow you to build and present compassion and sympathy towards yourself and others. Sometimes it's easy to feel like the world's getting harder, but if you look closely at Eddie Teddie's soft toys, they are the ones that are always telling you to keep going! Our cute plushies help you through tricky times by being your pillars of support. In doing so, your body is filled with the same hormones that make you calmer, healthier, and happier. 

2. Offers Strength and Power

In 2017, a survey of 2000 individuals by Build-a-bear and atomic research found that 40% of respondents like to keep their soft toys close. Every healthy adult should therefore possess a capacity for self-nurture. That is for retreating to a safe, secluded space and having a gentle, encouraging, and infinitely forgiving. Eddie Teddie soft toys give you immense strength and power by speaking to you through their adorable eyes and compassionate smiles. 


3. Acts as a Comforting Friend

The bottom line is humans are socializing animals that suffer when isolated from others. While cute plushies cannot replace the role of other people in your life, they can assist you in dealing with the interconnected world. They do so by minimizing emotions of isolation and separation. Eddie Teddie soft toys give you a unique sense of security and safety whenever you feel anxious or upset. Not only this, but they also relax your mind and body essential to stay healthy and getting a good night's sleep.

4. Promotes Mental Well-being

Mental well-being depends on gentle, forgiving, and hopeful inner voices. To keep going there are moments when our beloved soft toys provide the best example of this. During tough days, just one slight glance at your soft toys' loving and accommodating eyes will boost your well-being. Looking into their eyes will offer a warm and soothing feeling similar to looking into the eyes of a loved one. 

5. Uplifts Mood

Every Eddie Teddie soft toy knows how to make you smile without magic or spells. Soft toys are not just abstract pieces of fur; they are a partner to share your feelings with. They always listen and reply to you for comfort without uttering a word. Not only do they entertain you, but they also uplift your mood during difficult times. Such cute plushies take on unique personalities in our imagination and after forming a connection, we tend to rely on them for our anxieties or bad days. Unsurprisingly, the same object re-enters our lives when we reach adulthood.


There is enough evidence to support the notion that holding on to your soft toys as some form of security is not so strange. As Eddie Teddie soft toys take hold of your hearts, they are set to inspire you in your milestones.