How to Make Holi Colors at Home

India is a country of festivals, cultures, and cuisines, popular all over the world. Holi amplifies the atmosphere with mouth-watering Gujiyas and chilled Thandai. As we're often occupied in other festivals, Holi allows us to relax without worrying much about cleaning the house or outdoors. The enthusiasm in kids and adults is equally phenomenal!

Imagine the face being multicolored with the hues of pleasure, excitement, and vibes of festivity. However, the security of our faces cannot be guaranteed with chemical-based colors. You are likely to develop skin irritation, rashes, allergies, or itching due to the application of chemicals directly on the skin. As our bodies are conditioned with certain climatic situations, chemicals are bound to harm their natural balance. Organic Holi colors ensure zero usage of toxic ingredients as natural Holi colors are made with natural components. Play safe Holi as you learn to make eco-friendly Holi colors at home.


One of the easiest Holi colors that can be made at home is Yellow. It is a prime color to display friendship and companionship.
- Prepare a mixture of turmeric powder along with gram flour.
- The ratio should be 1:2 for dry powder.
- Another way is to crush yellow flowers - chrysanthemums or marigolds that have natural yellow pigments. This process also generates organic yellow powder.


The color of passion, love, glory, and love tops the list of natural Holi colors.
- Use the hibiscus or rose flowers to prepare the center of attraction – red!
- Dry the flower petals completely and blend them into a fine mixture.
- Do you need an extra quantity? Add rice or gram flour to the red powder for uniformity.


Easy like never before! Homemade Holi colors are safe and green is surely your go-to option.
- Take nature henna powder and mix it with gram or rice flour.
- Make sure the henna powder is free from chemical substitutes.


Eco-friendly Holi colors cannot be done without the color of healing - blue!
- You can use the Neeli Gulmohar or Blue Hibiscus for obtaining one of the beautiful organic Holi colors.
- Dry any one of the flowers and grind it to a fine powder.
- Add some flour to maintain consistency and quantity.


When preparing homemade Holi colors, you are bound to prepare the organic orange color.
- Tesu (Flame of the Forest) flowers or any orange flower can be dried overnight to make a mixture of yellow-orange shade.
- Soaked Saffron/Kesar can be blended with the flowers for a perfect orange shade.


The shade of magenta is highly demanded in the list of organic Holi colors.
- Soak the sliced beetroot in water to get a shade of pink.
- Boil the beetroot and let them rest overnight.
- This mixture can be used as a wet color during the festival.


Natural Holi colors are indeed bright and purple is one such desirable beauty.
- Use black carrots to generate a shade between violet to dark purple.
- Grind the carrots in a blender with perfection.
- After this, add a cup of cornflour for the color to blend into the right shade.

Whoa! You are all set to celebrate Holi with fantastic natural Holi colors. Time to say bye to the rashes and welcome happy skin.


by Riya Jogi :)