Indian Kids and 7 Affirmations: Know How to Make them Better Individuals

As you step into a better world and educational experience created by the developing country of India, know that there is still a need for development in everyday life of Indian kids. If we look back at our childhood days, there are various flashbacks of incidents that have an everlasting impact on the way we perceive situations and the world. Hence, it is significant that positive affirmations for kids play a big role in their betterment.

Affirmations are nothing but positive statements that one confirms. These affirmations for kids should be practiced daily. One way is to make little ones write them in a diary and read them aloud as they write. Another way is to make little ones stand in front of the mirror and read aloud these affirmations while looking at themselves. Check out different practical and helpful affirmations for kids below.

7 Positive Affirmations for Kids 

1. I am confident about myself 

Little ones are generally free hearted and do what they love. However, in this process, they might face criticism from family members or friends, intentionally or unintentionally. It is high time you teach them that they are confident about their language, body and how they look. This is one of the best affirmations for kids who feel low because of their skin color, body type or any aspect of their body. Indian kids must know that they are the best, no matter what. 

2. I am capable of doing things

It is true that if your house has two little ones, one is always regarded as better than the other. Doesn't it bring back the story of you and your sibling too? People often misjudge kids by their ability to get certificates and awards. Some kids are even called book worms for this reason. So, Indian kids should practice this affirmation to know that they have the capacity to do everything possible!

3. I am happy of who I am 

We all know how certain situations can disappoint little ones. Indian kids unintentionally face criticism through comments and remarks made by others. At times, parents also fall in the trap of comparison. Instead of making great personalities their role models, parents start comparing their younglings to other kids of the same age. In such cases, it is one of the significant affirmations for kids to feel content and satisfied with who they are.

4. I am worthy of love

Childhood trauma can last for years and you might not even realize how kids are affected by every action. While not intentionally, parents might ignore the little ones when they run to show their drawings or the first coloruring project. They might even want to whisper something that's funny for them into your ears when you are tired after a long day of work. So, this is one of the genuine affirmations for kids to know that no matter the situation, they deserve love. They must know that love is a fundamental requirement and they don't have to doubt themselves to get it.

5. I do what I love

Take this classic example where Indian society treats Indian kids depending on their genders. If not directly, boys are still teased for wearing the pink colour or doing household chores. Typical Indian households don't allow boys to take part in everyday activities like cooking and cleaning. At the same time, if a girl dresses more with t-shirts or shorts, they're generally pointed out. Unfortunately, this happens even for toddlers and younglings. In such cases, one of the classic affirmations for kids helps them know that their decisions are based on their choices and not on gender biases!

6. I Stand by my Words

If you look at the Indian society, many times, kids are not taken seriously. Whether it is about making them sing or dance in front of relatives or asking them to touch their feet, consent is highly missed out. We, as a whole, need to know that kids do have intuitive knowledge and can sense discomfort. In such cases, one of the best affirmations for kids is to know that their words are final. If they say no, it should be no. They must know the importance of their speech in front of everyone. 

7. I Accept Failures to Grow Better

Education industry is now transforming; however, if we talk about the developing and underdeveloped areas of India, we have a lot more to do. Competitions in school or regional festivals in society, all give opportunities for kids to showcase their hidden talents. However, failure comes easily too. If kids practice the above affirmation, they are more likely to accept failures than being discouraged about it. Indian kids should know that there are ample opportunities and various ways to grow better.

Affirmations can do wonders as kids learn empathy, self talk and even try understanding themselves better.