Know Our Mantra of Success

We all know the statement that success doesn't come overnight or that Rome wasn't built in a day. But what if I tell you that success might come to you overnight? It's because we have always defined success as an idea, a hope, an innovation or a will to move further. The way you see success is exactly the way it comes to you! For us, even the thought of restarting the legacy of handmade soft toys has been an overnight success. You know why? It's the thought that makes you do crazy things. So, let us reveal our mantra of success and how we cracked it!

1. We never Give Up!

With so many small businesses operating in the country, most do not reach the destined stage because they give up. For us, the day we started with it, we knew that it would take our blood, sweat and much more. Guess what? We were all set to give it! Whether it's facing losses with damage to fabrics or facing a creative block, we always get back on our toes because where else do you go if it's not to your passion?!

2. We step in Customer's Shoes!

We view the world from our perspectives and that's not something which can work for businesses. To succeed, we stepped into our customer's shoes and that's when we discovered problems and solutions to their concerns. Just to give you a gist, we discovered how customers were concerned about the safety of their little babies. That's because many toys mention the age of kids where they are not really safe. That's when we made our minds to openly reveal that not all our toys are safe for newborns. 

3. We Connect to People and not their Order IDs!

Our mantra for success has always been about building positive connections with the world out there. We, as a business, are much more concerned about feedback and customer experiences than finding new Order IDs for everyday sale. That's not what we aim for! Success for us is our customers sharing their lovely soft toys, videos and energies to us in the form of blessings. 

4. We are Open to Learning!

There is no stage in business where you have cracked it all or where you know it all. We are open to learning everyday and in all aspects. That's how success comes to people who are willing to change with time. Whether it is learning about new fabrics for soft toys in the market or understanding the tax system, we are very much on the go to explore the subject. It's simple, if it's your business, you have to put more than just heart into it.

5. We Balance it Out!

A business can only be successful when it starts thinking about people and not just money. We do like to play the number game but not on the cost of our mental health. Being an all-women start-up, we have learned to take breaks, celebrate festivals and even interact with our huge community through social media. We like to strike a balance between our passion for handmade soft toys and everyday life where we have the time to process feelings and moments.

Our mantra of success isn't the one that's always right or wrong. However, we hope it inspires you to do better and scale new heights with these insights!