We are a part of Make In India! Know how we're making an impact


Make in India is a significant national initiative of the Indian government that aims to promote investment, encourage innovation, improve skill development and create a world-class manufacturing infrastructure in the nation. The "Make in India" project is built upon four pillars that have been identified as having the potential to stimulate entrepreneurship in India across a variety of industries, not only the manufacturing one.

Make in india toys

Make in India has three explicit goals:

  • To create 100 million more manufacturing jobs by 2022
  • To boost the manufacturing sector's growth rate to 12–14% per year; 
  • To guarantee that the manufacturing sector's GDP contribution rises to 25% by 2025


With these goals in mind, we take every possible step to work towards the nation's vision. Our strength is highlighted by our mission to make handmade soft toys right in our land. As we aspire to reach the international markets, we believe in empowering our people! 


We stand by the objectives of Make In India as we are now creating jobs for underprivileged and uneducated women in society. Additionally, we are hiring young talents across the nation to work with us remotely. It is not about just creating jobs but creating a huge community that works towards the goal of Eddie Teddie toys.  


We stand by the objectives of Make In India as we are significantly contributing to the economic growth of our country. As the nation tries to keep it transparent, we highly believe in doing our best to run a registered company. Our accountability towards our customers as well as our nation remains the top priority by paying taxes, accepting genuine payments through a registered website and operating with all legalities. We have touched the hearts of more than 4000 Indian citizens across most states of the country.

We stand by the objectives of Make in India as we only manufacture within the premises of the country. Not only this, our material is sourced from Indian artisans, and we are constantly working towards upgrading the raw material quality to offer a competitive edge to our opponents. We take pride in stating that we are now involved with Indian delivery partners, women and fresh talents to make a noteworthy contribution to the country's GDP.


Know the Interconnection 

  • While manufacturing soft toys in India, we are not just working towards numbers. We want the nation to watch the talent of our artisans, who strive to make each stitch with precision. 
  • As Make in India promotes the creation in the country, we are not only creating soft toys but trying to transform the manufacturing industry with an in-house business.
  • We want to reach the world; hence, we only create our unique designs, which are purely made with our vision for design. 
  • Our deep aspiration is to address various child development struggles and work on them by manufacturing a plethora of special toys.

Handmade toys take longer than machine-made, but we tighten our shoulders to make citizens realize the art of citizens situated in long-lost corners of the country. 

Our future aspirations lie in being a leading Indian manufacturer of soft toys in the country. We are more than delighted to announce that one day, we look forward to international tourists visiting our workshop to watch the hidden talents Indians hold