Welcome Winter with these Food Dishes

Aren't you always excited to go back to the golden days and consume winter foods? Some of the most popular foods must be a part of your winter diet! Winters are great times to consume warm and delicious food to keep body temperature in check. As one cares about protecting their body from the outside, it is equally important to protect our body from the inside. The best thing about winter foods is the fusion of flavors, cooking styles and spices! 

7 Best Winter Foods for Foodgasm! 

1. Momo

How can you not love Momossss? Momo are quite popular these days and they also offer comfort. Talk about the soft texture and you'll fall in love. Momo are high in protein content thereby providing an extra energy source. Being one of the popular winter foods, they also offer a rich and high fiber content. Also, Additionally, these are considered beneficial in moderate eating and can make one satisfied in less time. 

 2. Gajar ka Halwa

Considered one of the most popular staple winter foods and sweet delicacies, Gajar ka Halwa is a vibe in winters! It is also a superfood for fertility and helps boost the living state. Rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants that fight free radicals, the dish is prepared with a fusion of dairy products. Moreover, it can boost skin and hair as it is rich in Vitamin A.

 3. French Fries

During winter, French fries are found anywhere and everywhere! It is mostly paired with ketchup or used as a topping or condiment such as mayonnaise, vinegar, and others. It helps in assisting in sugar oxidation and improves enzyme functions. Winter foods like such help eliminate free radical cells and are rich in manganese; they can help fight many diseases. Being a comfort food, it's indeed fun to share it with your loved ones. Also, nothing better than French Fries found on our Eddie Teddie website.

4. Undhiyu

Amongst the popular regional winter foods, Undhiyu aids the supply of oxygen as the brain requires about 20% of oxygen. It also prevents cognitive ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. It is rich in potassium which helps in avoiding muscle cramps and discomfort. Winter foods like Undhiyu possess high copper content, which has anti-inflammatory properties which lower arthritis symptoms. 

5. Thukpa

Initially introduced by the Tibetans, Thukpa is one of the delicious winter foods and is a household name all over the country. It is filled with the richness of coriander, green chilies, pepper and different herbs. This Himalayan noodle broth contains nutrients and essential vitamins that ward off many diseases. Having it with a good amount of vegetables makes digestion easier, improves immunity and provides nourishment to the body from the inside. 

 6. Egg and Bread

Eggs and bread are among the most consumed winter foods. They are rich in nutrients, which are not common in the modern diet. It contains folate, Vitamin A, B5, B12, and phosphorus which are necessary for immunity. Winter foods like egg and bread are high in quality protein which is the main building block of the human body. Also, if you're missing someone, you can always gift our eggs and bread combo!

7. Nihari

Nihari is a rich, power-packed, nourishing dish among the popular winter foods. Considered the food of the working class, it provides important nourishment and energy to the body to sustain a long tiring day. Furthermore, it also strengthens the muscles and nutrition of bones. It improves the functioning of the liver and eases the digestive system. 

With this, Eddie Teddie is all ready to warm you with comfort winter foods! Winter foods are the best options to boost the body’s immunity and keep people safe from many diseases.