Why Choose Stuffed Toys Over Tech Toys?

Stuffed toys create a different world filled with fun, cuddles and learning! Wondering how? Well, stuffed toys are the talk of the town as research proves them to be more efficient than tech toys. As parents, you look for the best of the benefits of everything. However, once your munchkins are addicted to the screen, it's difficult to take them off. The benefits of traditional toys impact all areas of life - mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Let's explore the super amazing reason as to why you should choose stuffed toys over tech toys.

1. Enhances Social Development
Tech toys are often restricted to a particular screen or a gadget. That's not the case with stuffed toys! Stuffed toys have the power to create positive vibes just like a human. Kids often communicate with their toys; they talk about their days, they play around with those cuddle buddies and express their hearts out. Interactive playing boosts communication skills, social skills and the art of balancing. Kids adapt the pace, tone and duration of communication thereby enabling the power of decision making. Buying stuffed toys with Eddie Teddie is buying a friend for your little one!

2. Builds Emotional Intelligence
In the competitive world, emotional intelligence is the key to survival. Strange but it can be acquired through stuffed toys. The debate for stuffed toys vs tech toys is endless however, tech toys are often played in isolation. This diminishes the value of time and emotion put into the gameplay. Traditional toys including stuffed cuddly friends help kids understand different emotions - sorrow, grief, joy and rejuvenation. Values of compassion and empathy can often be displayed with Eddie Teddie toys through mimicking and pretend play.

3. Reduces Anxiety
We cannot deny how human lives are trapped in anxiety and depressing moments. Tech toys are often connected with high volumes, speed, action moves and sensory vibrations; this makes the person impatient and furious. On the other hand, kids, as well as adults, find comfort and solace with soft toys. The smooth fabric used for the stuffed toys at Eddie Teddie proves to be the favorite healer for people out there! When kids and toddlers find it hard to express their feelings, they associate their emotions with the cuddle buddies. As a result, soft toys are considered best friends to humans!

4. Improves Learning
Screen learning just cannot be compared to learning with stuffed toys. The exclusive collection at Eddie Teddie is directed towards providing a plethora of cuddle toys. Right from fruits, food and animal stuffed toys, you can find everything that your child needs. As kids recognize names of different fruits and animals, colors, shapes and structures; they eventually grow into knowledgeable humans. Wooden puzzles help develop sensory and cognitive skills required for the human body.

5. Instills Creativity
Tech toys have more to do with motion, graphics, and high-end illustrations. This blocks the upcoming ideas of your child. You must select traditional toys including soft cuddly buddies to make way for creative skills. Kids associate stuffed bears and animals with their real-life stories. They often include their toys in role-play, household games and other enacting scenarios. As kids dress up into different characters, an inventive side of these munchkins can be witnessed through Eddie Teddie’s soft toys. 

As you care for your kids and adults as well, we take this opportunity to help you provide a sense of love through Eddie Teddie soft toys


by - Riya Jogi :)