7 Interesting Facts about Peanut The Pig

Peanut The Pig is an intelligent and adorable pig plushie belonging to the 2 billion big families of mammals found on planet earth. Not only will it bring immense joy and fun to your days but also it is very endearing and appealing. Appealing colors and enchanting eyes are sure to make your day like never before!

Interesting Facts about Peanut The Pig

1. Peanut - The Pig is your super clean friend!

There is a common notion that pigs roll in the mud, so they are filthy, but Peanut, the pig, is your new super clean friend. Pigs normally move in the mud or waters to keep their body temperatures low. However, Peanut The Pig is very clean and hygienic. It loves to live in cool, covered places, which helps keep it squeaky clean. This pig plushie loves its bed so much that it keeps it clean by relieving itself away from it. 

2. Our Peanut does not really sweat!

Although all mammals have some or the tendency to sweat during the hot summers, Peanut The Pig is a unique pig. Since it doesn't possess any sweat glands, it doesn't sweat. It loves to roll in the mud or swim in the pool during excruciating heat to cool off its body temperatures. Apart from this, rolling in the mud also keeps its skin soft and protected from sunburns.  

3. Try it out! Peanut - The Pig loves Belly Rubs!

Peanut The Pig definitely rolls over and shows its belly as one of the most adorable parts to invite you to showcase your love and affection for it. This cute pig plushie loves some lovely tummy scratches as it creates a tender moment of connection. One of the interesting facts about Peanut The Pig is that it showcases its vulnerability and enhances your bond with it. It makes you feel safe and loved, reminiscing about your childhood. 

4. Our Large Peanut Sings to the Small Peanut!

Another interesting pig fact is that pig mothers sing to their young piglets while nursing them. The singing is a memorable and special tune, as it signifies the strength of the bond and safety. If you want to experience this special bond, then buying the large Peanut and small peanut combo is wise. Peanuts make over ten different types of sounds, signifying the expressions and connection between the adorable pig plushies. 

5. Peanut is indeed a Dreamy Soul! 

Peanut the pig is a cute pig plushie to have around in your bed as it sleeps with the utmost innocent and satisfying face. It loves to stay as close to you as possible during the night, offering you comfort and warmth. It helps you to drift into soft sleep and imagine your journey to your dreamland while offering warm companionship. Dreams are even better when dreamt together with this adorable dreamy soul. 

6. Test it! Peanut - The Pig is way smarter!

Peanut The Pig is quite smart and intelligent. It provides a smart and enriching experience while playing with it. Eddie Teddie makes soft toys that connect with the soul and create intrigue in you to learn more about pig plushies. Most people assume Peanut to be dumb because it's always in the mud, enjoying life. However, Peanut The Pig is intelligent and alert about its surroundings. 

7. Peanut loves being a social butterfly! 

Peanut The Pig loves to spend time with new people and likes to play, sunbathe and explore unique moments. It is an adorable social butterfly and loves to bond. Peanut can fit in easily by spending time with new members of the family and friends. At the start, peanuts love to have as many new encounters as possible to become an integral part of your house and family. This cute pig plushie is a sweet and memorable addition to your family. 

 Spending time with Peanut The Pig is a fun and memorable experience that adds cheer and playful joy to your days. This cutesy pig plushie will help you manage your tough days and stressful situations. So why wait? BUY NOW!